Madhubala 16-02-2015 – Polimer tv Serial 16-02-15 Episode 534

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Madhubala 16-02-2015 Polimer TV Madhubala 16.02.2015 Tamil Serial Online | Madhubala 16/02/2015 Polimer TV Serial 16th February 2015
Watch Polimer Tv Madhu Bala 16.02.15 Serial Madhubala Konjam Ishtam Konjam Kashtam 16/02/15 Latest Today Episode 534 Online At
Madhubala 16-02-2015 – Polimer tv Serial | Polimer tv Madhu Bala 16-02-15 | Polimer tv Serial 16th February 2015

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Madhubala, Polimer tv Serial
While every things going well a new women came to RKs’ home and says that her husband is working here. Every one got shocked. Finally Balu sir accept that he was hers’ husband. In balu sirs’ childhood he forced marry that girl. Now Rk and his family decided to make this marriage grandly.

Madhubala is a daily serial on Polimer TV. Madhubala is a story of a young girl who was born on a film set and has since then grown up in that gltizy environment. However, she is an average girl, with no ambitions and is happy to be just a beautician, devoid of all the glitz and glamour surrounding her. Everything changes when she meets RK, a leading superstar. Catch it everyday on Polimer TV at 6.30 PM.