Darling Darling 20-12-2016 Zee Tamil tv Serial – Episode 07

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Darling Darling 20-12-2016 Zee TV Darling Darling 20.12.2016 Romantic Comedy Tamil Serial Online | Darling Darling 20/12/2016 Zee Tamil TV Serial 20th December 2016
Watch Zee Tamil TV Darling Darling 20.12.16 Romantic Comedy Serial Darling Darling 20/12/16 Latest Today Episode 07 Online.
Darling Darling 20-12-2016 – Zee Tamil Romantic Comedy Serial | Zee Tamil tv Darling Darling 20-12-16 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 20th December 2016
Synopsis: Darling Darling, a romantic and comedy TV show which is about the lives of two distinctly different neighbour couples. A guy wants his wife to be modern, but she is completely ethnic. On the other hand, a guy’s wife is so modern, but he wants her to be ethnic. Now, these couples are starting to live together as neighbours, one has what the other wants, it is the universal truth. Stay tuned to find out more.

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Zee Tamil Darling Darling 20th December 2016 Episode 07 Review/Discussion:
Viewers are entertained by a constant stream of jokes, music, games and skits.