Things to consider before buying Gold

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Things to consider before buying Gold

1. Always go for BIS Hallmarked GOLD Jewellery. The making charges of hallmarked Jewellery ranges from 12% to 20% in Local Jeweller.Now a day every local Jeweller have the BIS hallmarked Jewellery.But If you go for big brands then you have pay more making charges charges which ranges from 25% to 40% depends upon the Jewellery [check the online jewellery portal ,you know the making charge ]

2. Always Insist of Retail Invoice in which the making charges, actual price of gold on that day and carat of gold Jewellery and BIS hallmarking license no. are clearly mentioned.

3 Always check the 5 signs on gold jewellery ,first is the BIS logo ,Second is carat [ 23ct-956 ,22ct-916,18ct-750], Third is logo of Hallmarking center,fourth is logo of Jeweller , Fifth is manufacturing Year of Gold Jewellery [for 2015 ,it is T]. Any of missing symbol certifies that it is not a hallmarked jewellery.

4. Never buy K.D.M jewellery because it some time cause skin infection as well as it lower the value of your jewellery because K.D.M jewellery always 4 carat to 5carat lower then the mentioned carat on it .

5. If you have any doubt regarding the purity of gold ,you can search nearby hallmarking center on google.Go there and ask them to check the purity of jewellery.It merely charge 100rs for the test.