Saree from Banana Fibre

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Saree from Banana Fibre
Eco Friendly Natural Fibres And Textiles
Tamil Nadu village weaves Banana sari

In times when the craze for western outfits is slowly strangling the sari handloom industry, the handloom weavers of Anakaputhur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu have succeeded in reviving the tradition of Banana sari. This has been particularly beneficial for Anakaputhurs once booming jute based handlooms of which 7000 have already shut down due to lack of demand. Through their skill and creativity the weavers invented a sari spun from a mix of banana and cotton or silk fibres. It sells 150 such sarees every month for Rs. 700-2500 every month. The creation has not only helped revitalize a tradition that dates back to the Ramayana but it is also eco friendly being spun form purely organic fibre. The weaver association now plans to expand to cope with the increasing demand and venture abroad too.