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Poovizhi Vasalile 15-05-2018 Raj TV Poovizhi Vasalile 15.05.2018 Serial Online | Poovizhi Vasalile 15/05/2018 Raj TV Serial 15th May 2018
Watch Raj TV Poovizhi Vasalile 15.05.18 Serial Poovizhi Vasalile 15/05/18 Latest Today Episode 777 Online. Poovizhi Vasalile 15-05-2018 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Poovizhi Vasalile 15-05-18

Written By : Robin Bhatt, Javed Siddiqui
Produced By : Dhaval Gada, Mahesh Bhatt, Gurudev Bhalla
Distributor : Gurudev Bhalla Productions
Cast : Spandan Chaturvedi as Thenmozhi Madhavan, Sai Deodhar as Kasturi Madhavan, Rajiv Kumar as Madhavan, Tasheen Shah as Kanmani, Sandeep Baswana as Ishwar Rawat, Yash Mistry as Adithya Rawat, Sai Ballal as Annachi Kamalnarayan Rajvanshi, Suhasini Mulay as Shakuntala Rajvanshi, Prachee Pathak as Tejaswini Rajvanshi, Sharanya Bijlani, Vijay Aidasani, Dolphin Dwivedi, Ginny Virdi as Ranjana Rajvanshi, Moni Rai as Manohar Rajvanshi, Dardhan Gurjar / Anmol Jyotir as Suraj Rajvanshi, Prakash Ramchandani, Vineet Raina, Nishikant Dixit, Nisha Pareek, Deep Kaur

Raj tv Serials, Poovizhi Vasalile

Synopsis: The Story of Poovizhi Vaasalile on Raj TV revolves around the gripping life of a girl child ‘Thenmozhi’, who becomes a slave by birth as she was mortgaged by her father to the Village Jamindar to borrow money for funeral of her Grandmother.

Destiny plays a spoil sport in Thenmozhi’s life as her father also dies before her birth itself, thus making her a slave by birth. Thenmozhi and her mother Kasthuri get separated immediately after her birth. However, they get united after seven years at the mercy of the Jamindarin.

The young and talented Thenmozhi sees light in the form of Easwaran, who comes forward to fund her education. However, her happiness is short lived as Easwaran goes to jail for a forged case against him. The rest of the story revolves around how Thenmozhi fights against all odds in her life and emerges victorious…..

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