Jayalalitha Slapped Me: ADMK’s MP Sasikala

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Jayalalitha Slapped Me: ADMK’s MP Sasikala
Was Slapped by Jayalalitha, Need Protection – Sasikala Pushpa
என் தலைவர் என்னை அறைந்தார்!’ – மக்களவையில் அழுத சசிகலா புஷ்பா
My leader slapped me : Sasikala Pushpa apologized to Trichy Siva | Rajya Sabha Speech
“I have life threat… I am being compelled to resign from my constitutional post,” she said. “Where is women’s safety in this country? … I am being harassed. I need protection. In Tamil Nadu, I don’t have safety. There is threat to my life.”
Pushpa said she was thankful to her party leader for sending her to Rajya Sabha but “if a leader can slap an MP, I need protection. I need government’s protection.”