80-86% of people supports demonetization: C Voters survey

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80-86% of people supports demonetization: C Voters survey
80-86 per cent people support demonetisation: C-Voter survey
Over 80 percent don’t mind inconvenience of demonetisation, says C-Voter poll

–>> 84 percent of those surveyed said the demonetisation was worth the troubles it had brought.
–>> 65.17 percent thought the move was well planned and well implemented.
–>> The trend emerged in a nationwide survey by C-Voter.

In a fresh survey conducted by C-Voter, a whopping 80-86 per cent of people across the nation supported demonetisation move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is contrary to the image being presented by a section of mainstream media, highlighting the massive inconveniences caused due to the sudden ban on use of existing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. Nearly 86 per cent of the respondents in urban and rural area said that the inconvenience is worth as demonetisation would lead to eradication of black money. In semi-urban areas, 80.6 per cent respondents felt that the inconvenience caused would be worthy in the longer run.

Interestingly, 71 per cent of respondents in urban areas claimed that demonetisation is not only a good move, but it has been implemented also in an efficient manner. Among semi-urban respondents, 65.1 per cent felt that demonetisation was implemented in an efficient manner. In rural areas, the sentiment dipped as only 59.4 per cent respondents felt that Modi government implemented demonetisation in an efficient manner, reported TOI.

38 per cent respondents in urban areas, 35.5 per cent in semi-urban and 36.8 per cent in rural zones felt that the inconvenience caused is ‘little, easily manageable’.

Contrary to rhetorical claims, demonetisation is being wholeheartedly supported by those occupying the upper rungs of economic ladder. 90.6 per cent of population categorized under high income group supported the step of Prime Minister Modi, the C-Voter survey claims.

On being asked whether demonetisation was an ‘unimaginable disaster’, only 4.4 per cent of people from high-income group shared the sentiment. 12.6 percent of middle income group and 15.1 percent of the low income group felt that demonetisation would spell into in an unimaginable disaster.

C-Voter survey further highlights that 55 per cent of the people are firm that Narendra Modi’s image would be downgraded if he succumbs under Opposition pressure and rolls back demonetisation.

C-Voter is an internationally recognized mass media research unit based in India. The survey was carried out in nearly half of the total Parliamentary constituencies of the nation.