Maoist plan to kill Narendra Modi | PM Modi’s Murder Planning Exposed

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Maoist plan to kill PM Modi | PM Modi’s Murder Planning Exposed
Maoists Plan to Kill Narendra Modi, Says Pune Police | Plan to Kill PM Modi Like Rajiv Gandhi Incident
Shocking ‘conspiracy’!!! PM Modi’s Murder Planning Exposed: ‘Maoist Plot To Kill PM Modi In Rajiv Gandhi Type’ Revealed by Pune Police | Maoist Letter Revealing Sinister Plot To Assassinate PM Modi Recovered

Maoist plan to kill PM Modi

The news of alleged Maoists leaders’ letters recovered by the Pune Police, which described the possible assassination plot of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has sent shockwaves across the political world. On Thursday, the Pune Police told a court that they had allegedly seized an incriminating letter from the Delhi residence of one of the five people arrested on Wednesday for having alleged ‘links’ with the banned Communist Party of India.

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