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Iniya Iru Malargal 16-07-2018 Zee TV Iniya Iru Malargal 16.07.2018 Tamil Serial Online | Iniya Iru Malargal 16/07/2018 Zee Tamil TV Serial 16th July 2018
Watch Zee Tamil TV Iniya Iru Malargal 16.07.18 Serial Iniya Iru Malargal 16/07/18 Latest Today Episode Online.
Iniya Iru Malargal 16-07-2018 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Iniya Iru Malargal 16-07-18 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 16th July 2018
Synopsis: Iru Malargal is a show following the life of a matriarch Sarala who runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters Pragya and Ammu who’re poles apart, happily married some day.

Pragya, the elder daughter, who is practical, hardworking and committed to supporting her family though she’s barely finished her own studies,teaches at a college to ensure that her mother Sarala’s meager earnings from the marriage hall never fall short in making the two ends meet. In the midst of all this pressure on her, she’s forgotten how to unwind or pursue any passions of her own. Ammu, the younger daughter who has her head in the clouds is vivacious, smart, stylish and a complete dreamer. It barely occurs to her to snap out her own make-believe, rose-tinted world and be of any real use to her family.
Directed By : Muzammil Desai, Sharad Yadav
Produced By : Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Story : Anil Nagpal
Dialogues : Dheeraj Sarna
Screenplay : Anil Nagpal, Vikas Tiwari
Cinematography : Sanjay Memane, Anil Katke
Cast : Sriti Jha as Pragya Abhishek Prem (Female Lead), Shabbir Ahluwalia as Abhishek Prem (Male Lead), Mrunal Thakur as Ammu (Praghya’s Sister), Arjit Taneja as Prabha (Ammu’s Lover And Abishek Prem’s Best Friend), Faisal Rashid as Suresh (Praghya’s Friend), Supriya Shukla as Sarala (Praghya And Ammu’s Mother), Ankit Mohan as Aakash (Abhisek’s Brother), Aditi Rathore as Rachana (Aakash’s Wife and Suresh’s sister), Amit Dhawan / Anurag Sharma as Raj (Abhishek’s Brother), Samiksha Bhatnagar / Swati Anand as Maitili Raj (Raj’s Wife), Shivaani Sopuri as Pammi (Aakash And Raj’s Mother), Madhu Raja as Pragya’s Grand Mother, Shikha Singh as Aaliya (Abhishek’s Sister), Daljeet Soundh as paati (Abhishek’s Grand Mother), Madhurima Tuli / Leena Jumani as Tanushree(tanu) (Aaliya’s Friend And Abhishek’s Lover), Neha Bam as Prabha’s aunt, Navina Bole as Abhi’s fan, Charu Mehra as Purvi

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Zee Tamil Iru Malargal 16th July 2018 Episode Review/Discussion:

Iru Malargal is an Tamil Dubbed version soap opera that premiered on 29 Dec 2014 and airs Monday through Friday at 7:30pm on Polimer TV. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms. The show is loosely based on the novel Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

Sarala with her two daughters Praghya And Ammu runs a marriage hall and meet their expenses.Sarala looks an alliance for her daughter praghya which breaks up due to Ammu. Praghya falls in love with Suresh with whom she works in a college. But Suresh loves Ammu, Praghya’s Sister.Meanwhile The show tells us the story of Rockstar Abhishek Prem Who has Concerns for three people his Sister Aaliya, his Grand Mother and his best friend Prabha. Abhi Loves a supermodel Named Tanu Who is Aaliya’s Best Friend.Ammu Joins Prabha’s Office And initially Ammu thinks Prabha flirts with girls but later understands the fact that those girls were abhi’s fans handled by Prabha. Soon ammu and Prabha Fall in love with Each other.Praghya’s Marriage With Suresh Was arranged but later cancelled by Praghya herself after she comes to know the truth that Suresh loves Ammu And not her.

Meanwhile Aaliya returns from Australia after her studies and Abhi asks Prabha to marry Aaliya as decided a year ago but Prabha Confesses that she is in love with someone.Abhi angered by this act kicks Prabha out of the house. Aaliya decides to take revenge on Prabha and Proposes a plan that her brother Abhi should marry Praghya as Aaliya thinks Prabha love Praghya and prove that Praghya is only after money and not on Prabha’s true love so that Aaliya can marry Prabha and after that they can send Praghya out and her brother can marry Tanu. Abhi and Tanu also Accepts to Aaliya and the trio Sends Prabha to his hometown and arrange for marriage.Praghya Refuses to marry Abhi as she had biteer differences with Abhi in the past but accepts due to her Mother’s Health.Marriage takes Place and on the night after marriage the trio tells praghya that they did this to take revenge on her as Prabha rejeced aaliya and loved her.Pragha is Shocked and Taken aback Praghya’s only support is Abhi’s Grandmother.

Aaliya goes to Australia for convocation warning her brother to be careful with Praghya.Soon Ammu comes to know about her Sister being Cheated and feels that she is responsible for ruining her sister’s life once again and asks Prabha to marry Aaliya so as to save her sister’s life.Prabha though initially reluctant later accepts marrying Aaliya for Ammu and Praghya’s sake.Marriage preprations start in Abhi’s house where Aaliya and Tanu along with Mitali try to insult Praghya and her family members on multiple occasions but each and every plan of their backfires as Praghya and her family members are saved by Prabha.

Prabha’s Aunt comes to know that Prabha is marrying Aaliya only on compulsion of Ammu and not because of love and so warna Ammu not to sacrifice her love for Prabha but Ammu denies her saying that her sister’s life is more important.Meanwhile Abhi and Tanu in a drunken state crashed a roadside shopman and he files a complaint against Abhi but Praghya takes the blame on herself Saying that Abhi was helping her in learning driving and also requests the shopman to withdraw the case.Abhi is confused as why Praghya saved her because he tortured her so much but Praghya says she did this for her family as she did not want her family to know about tanu and abhi’s relation.

Abhi hates tanu due to her selfishness. He gets a little closer to pragya.Due to abhi’s ignorance tanu gets closer with pragya’s cousin to make abhi jealous but soon pragya gets insulted when tanu blames pragya’s cousin for peeping inside tanu’s room but it was a lie told by aalia and tanu.meanwhile prabha escapes from the marriage after knowing that they will throw pragya out of their house.aalia being sad shouts at pragya.aalia,abhi,tanu comes to know that prabha’s lover is not pragya but ammu.sarla due to tension gets heart attack worring about pragya’s life vanishing because of ammu.Due to sarla’s health condition abhi accepts pragya for sake.meanwhile ammu tries to reunite with her family and try to forget prabha.meanwhile abhi and get together to go to pune for a baby product add.In their journey funny things happen such as trapped in a horror house etc.abhi and pragya together walks in the ramp which makes tanu jealous and abhi’s grand mother thank tanu for giving her,her opportunity to abhi’s grandmother invite tanu for a party in their house for thanking her kind heart without knowing her evil purpose.

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