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Gangaadharanai Kanoam 04-06-2018 Raj TV Gangadharanai Kanoam 04.06.2018 Tamil Serial Online | Gangaadharanai Kaanoam 04/06/2018 Raj TV Serial 04th June 2018
Watch Raj TV Gangaatharanai Kanoam 04.06.18 Serial Gangadharanai Kaanoam 04/06/18 Latest Today Episode 01 Online. Gangaayharanai Kaanoam 04-06-2018 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Gangaadharanai Kanoam 04-06-18

Synopsis: Kasthuri, a young widow raises her child Aswini as a well educated girl, by overcoming many financial struggles, Gangadharan who is also a widower enters as a tenant in Kasthuri’s house, along with his daughter Kavitha. As days pass by the attitude of both the daughters change as they get greedy about money.
Directed By : Gobi
Produced By : M.kannapiran
Distributor : Sri Bharathi Association
Cast : Siva, Baby george

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Raj tv Serials, Gangaadharanai Kanoam
Raj TV Gangaadharanai Kanoam 04th June 2018 Episode 01 Review/Discussion:

Kasturi loses her husband at a very young age. Her only daughter is Aswini. She is employed as a cook and inspite of a meager income she gives her daughter a good education which facilitates Aswini to get into a good job. They enter the new house and start living happily. They decide to rent out a portion of the house. Gangadharan comes in as a tenant with his daughter kavitha. He lost his wife and never re-married as he wanted to bring up his daughter well.At this Juncture something unexpected happens leaving everyone in a state of shock!! Wait & watch in small screen…

Category: Gangaadharanai Kanoam, Raj TV Serials, Tamil Serials,

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