Biggboss Julie in DMS nurse protest : Police Insults Julie Very Badly

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Biggboss Julie in DMS nurse protest | Julie Argument with Police | biggboss julie participates in nurse protest at chennai | Nursing Protest : Police Insults Julie Very Badly | Julie in Niurse Protest

Big boss Julie is getting familiar due to her presence in the reality program she gathered the media attention and media made her popular in a short time. Now she has entered into the big screen with all the efforts and hosting a program in a popular channel.

Due to the jallikattu protest, she got media attention and popular among people. She is also called as Veera Thamizhachi. After participating in big boss she got through many controversies and spoiled her name.

Today she went to participate in a protest with the nurses and however police denied her entry strictly. Then she fights with police for entry and she tells that she is from the nursing background and she is also a nurse. But the police strictly restricted her entry. This video got viral in social Medias. Here is the video of Julie fighting with police to participate in nurse protest.

Category: Tamil Cinema News,

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