Kalyanamalai 23-03-2014 Pattimandram Sun Tv Program

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Watch Sun tv Kalyana Maalai 23.03.14 Show Kalyanamalai 23/03/14 Latest Today Episode Online.
Kalyanamalai 23-03-2014 Sun Tv Program | Kalyana Malai 23rd March 2014 Show
Synopsis: Anchored by Mohan, this chat show, which focuses on all things marriage, is a must-see by the married as well as those looking to get married.
Fairy tale romances give us fantasies of rosy lives for ourselves and our kith & kin. Marriage is our passport to such uninterrupted euphoria and the key to its success like every other business is the meeting of our two understanding individuals at the right time and place.
In this cyber age, where matrimonial column have given way to e-mail.com, this serial is an sure see.

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