Neeya Naana 16-02-2014 – Vijay tv talk Show 16-02-14

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Watch Vijay TV Neeya Naana 16.02.14 Show Neeyaa Naanaa 16/02/14 Latest Today Episode Online.
Neeya Naana 16-02-2014 – Vijay tv talk Show | vijay Tv Neeya Naana 16-02-14 Program 16th February 2014
A talk show which brings two polarized sections of society onto a single platform and encourages them to iron out their differences.
It is currently one of the most popular Tamil talk shows aired primarily in Tamil Nadu every Sunday at 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM. It brings together polarized sections of the society and allow them to debate on a topic that affects them the most and they share their views, opinions and counter-arguments. Every week, a topic is chosen and two groups of people representing the extreme ends face each other and discuss on the show. The program deals with the subject both light-heartedly as well as seriously at the same time and often features celebrity guests.
The show was designed and has been created by ANTHONY THIRUNELVELI and is currently being hosted by Gopinath, who has been the host since the program began.
Today’s Show Detail:

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  1. Shanthi says:

    Do the children have to come and listen to Gopinath tell the mothers that they are autocrats and are doing a bad job of parenting in public? What a bad impression the children have of their parents? Is neeye naana running out of topics?

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi indians,

    First of all thanks to Vijay TV and Gopi for putting up a fantastic show instead of the usual cine ‘koothu’ all the time. In everything there is good and bad; similarly this is the case here also…only middle class can be handled comfortably…i wish politicians and public are called for debate at the same time..then very soon, we would say: hay, this WAS the vijay tv studio man….

    Please do not portray parents as ‘paavam type’…though they know that they are evil, yet they come shamelessly….same type parents are breeding children in another show in which annachi is mocked many times for his dark complexion and looks. So, still such parents have passed their evil ‘boothi’ to their seeds. Annachi’s acceptance is ‘perunthanmai’ or fun like vadivelu’s comedy but this is the true nature of human beings in real life which shows: MANY PEOPLE NEVER LEARN TO RESPECT OTHERS. Have a nice day!