Madhubala 21-02-2014 – Polimer tv Serial Episode 258 21-02-14

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Watch Polimer Tv Madhu Bala 21.02.14 Serial Madhubala Konjam Ishtam Konjam Kashtam 21/02/14 Latest Today Episode 258 Online At
Madhubala 21-02-2014 – Polimer tv Serial | Polimer tv Madhu Bala 21-02-14 | Polimer tv Serial 21st February 2014

Madhubala, Polimer tv Serial

Madhubala is a daily serial on Polimer TV. Madhubala is a story of a young girl who was born on a film set and has since then grown up in that gltizy environment. However, she is an average girl, with no ambitions and is happy to be just a beautician, devoid of all the glitz and glamour surrounding her. Everything changes when she meets RK, a leading superstar. Catch it everyday on Polimer TV at 6.30 PM.