Deivamagal 12-02-2014 – Sun TV Serial Episode 242 12-02-14

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Watch Sun TV Deiva Magal 12.02.14 Serial Deivamagal 12/02/14 Latest Today Episode 242 Online
Deivamagal 12-02-2014 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 12-02-14 Deiva Magal Serial
Synopsis: Deivamagal is the latest offering from Vikatan Tele Vistas, and this series focuses on the life of working women, their role and their contribution to our lives and society in general. Aimed at bringing out the perspective of a working woman – their joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations, etc.,
Directed By : S. Kumaran
Produced By : Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Ltd
Cast : Vani Bhojan, Krishna, Rajalakshmi, Sabitha Anand, Suhashini

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Sun TV Deivamagal 12th February 2014 Episode 242 Review/Discussion:
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  1. Divya says:

    The makers of serial should have some social responsibility. What kind of example they give? Good people continuously and always suffer and always victimised. Bad people are happy and always win? I have some family member who watch it regularly and also see how the stress and attitudes affect my family. They also become skeptical about our relatives and start imagining things similar to these serials. These kind of stories really is effecting our societies, our homes. There is no peace. I understand life has ups and downs, happiness and sadness; but stories in this kind of serial constantly show bad people as clever, always winners and happy always and good people as fools, gullible, always sad and always victim. Even if the story turns positive right at the end, the the moral will remain that good people have to suffer a lot to only prove they are good and bad people can remain happy as long as their badness is hidden. What are these story writers telling to the society?? I wish people can stop watching and boy cot such programmes.