Nalla Neram 08-01-2014 – Zee Tamil Serial Episode 102

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Watch Zee Tamil TV Nalla Neram 08.01.14 Serial Nalla Naeram 08/01/14 Latest Today Episode 102 Online.
Nalla Neram 08-01-2014 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Nalla Neram 08-01-14 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 08th January 2014
Synopsis: Its about a little boy who leaves the family and a little elephant which leaves the forest and their unconditional love..and there lies the soul of the whole story..between him and the elephant!! Also it has both small screen and big screen actors in the cast who make it more interesting and entertaining..along with the little kid and the little elephant!! THEVAR FILMS which have given blockbuster films in the big screen based on animal stories .,.for the first time is producing this serial.
VELU is a chirpy tiny tot of eight years, and who is the pet of all the family members…his gestures and actions are always cheerful and lively. He hates books and loves Nature..the verdant forests and the greenery are something that keeps on fascinating him. RAMU-a sweet and lovable ELEPHANT who is nothing less than a human. in displaying the most intricate of emotions.Ramu breaks all the barriers of ‘Pet-Animal-Bonding’ and enjoys a Spirit of Oneness with the tiny-tot, Velu.

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