Airtel Super Singer 4 20-01-2014 – Vijay tv Show 20-1-14

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Watch Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer season 4 20.01.14 Show Super Singer 4 (seniors) 20/01/14 Latest Today Episode Online,
Airtel Super Singer 4 20-01-2014 – Vijay tv Show | Vijay tv Airtel Super Singer season 4 20-01-14 Show
Synopsis: Airtel Super Singer 4, the fourth season of the popular show, Airtel Super Singer premiered on 4 February 2013. A Mega talent hunt for the Best Voice of Tamil Nadu. The show is a reality-based Indian singing competition in Tamil language that airs on STAR Vijay. It is designed to be a talent hunt to find the best voice of Tamil Nadu. Judges for the auditions were Ananth Vaidyanathan, S.P. Sailaja, Devan Ekambaram, Mahathi, Pop Shalini, S. Sowmya and Malgudi Subha. Judges for the main competition are Sujatha, Unnikrishnan and Srinivas. Makapa Anand and Bhavana are the hosts for the show. The voice trainer is Ananth Vaidyanathan. The show airs weekdays from Monday to Friday at 9PM IST.
Presented by: Makapa Anand, Bhavana and Divya Dharshini

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  1. allapichai says:

    i know this is the result why u start the wild card round no need every one is know but its sarath and soniya is good singer no issue why u dont select tamilan give me chance for tamilan three is 5 finalist only two tamilan this desicision is not vote some one play the game any way whats happen let me see

    1. sai says:

      this is not somebody’s game at all, it’s purely talent ,who ever sang in the wild card they are very talented singer who have more talent they got 4&5 places don’t thing and talk about lanuage and religious on this matter .

      1. RAJA says:

        You said good, But Tamil people didn’t put that effort as them

      2. tamilan says:

        I hate Super singer program . always giving chances to malayalees. From the 1st seson till now both in senior and junior they always support malayalees . I like vijay tv .. but due to these activiites..i hate them lot .
        If we talk abt pure talent .. y cant the malayalees channel is not giving chances to Tamil people and giving prices. Hate this behaviour .

    2. eshwar says:

      poda nee oru peiyu

  2. Raj` says:

    Very unfair decision.. Sonai not at all deserve…. Aravind was the perfect choice and he singing so well.

    1. tamilan says:

      yes you are right .. these foolish people always give chances to malayalees … i hate super singer …..

  3. eshwar says:

    sso8 sonia will win the competion please vote for sonia

  4. Krishnan P says:

    Selection is based on talent.bull shit. Sonia is not better than Araind or Sai Ganesh.
    Only one to be selected to the final in the wild card round. Why last minute decision?
    The programmer has fooled the entire tamil audience.
    Next Super singer 5 no human judge to judge the singers. All to be based on computer.
    No tamil, Malayalam or Telugu issues.
    The judges in super singer 4 to certain extend are unfair. Let their conscious hurt them.
    Who to verify the results of SMS voting. No international body’s to verify. It is within
    Vijay TV.

  5. Raja says:

    still the bloody judjes support to useless parvathi and allgates,,,,this desion was taken already,,,who is 1,2,3 places…..if any one watch the earlier programmes,you knows about judges ,(esp srini) judgement,,,standing oviation,,etc,,,,,,,

  6. Natchaththiraa says:

    The following comments were written after watching the past years super singers.

    One can wait and see how the vijay TV brings mallu singers only to the top. This cleverness is available with mallu community all over the world.
    Questions to Vijay TV:
    1. In Tamil Nadu how come mallu singers got more votes? can you show to the public, the number of votes and its source?. Rajapakse also got vote to get a place in Time Magazine cover.
    2. Why Vijay TV eliminated Sai Vignesh and Aravindh Srinivas?.
    3. In other states Tamil singers are not allowed to participate? Then why vijay TV is encouraging only mallu singers?
    4. Kumudam wrote about about the nepotism of Vijay TV.
    5. Why only Mallu Judges in the panel ALWAYS?
    7.If Vijay TV continue to support mallu’s only then it will soon lose its place in the TV channel.
    8. Who are the owners of Vijay TV?. Of course. Mallus Mallus Mallus.
    We tamils’ has to learn how to penetrate in the other state’s politics, business and all the level’s of life. What we need is a tamil Thackrey like in Mumbai.
    All above I wrote is without bias since I have sincerely followed for the past two super singers competition and many of them also knew that so much BIAS IN THE JUDGEMENT FROM THE JUDGES.

    1. tamilan says:

      Very truly said… Kudos to Natchaththiraa .. .as every one tamil people who are living in other states also have talents.. bu the local channel wont encourage tamil peoples there.. Because audience will throw stones at channel office.. Same like them we should also throw stones…
      Tamilians are not narrow minded guys.. I am happy for sarat who got into finals.. though he is from AP ..
      But y alwasy mallu people in all seasons..
      If you watch carefully..most of the anchors are from Kerala.. and they call judges as chetta and chechi..
      WIll kerala channel allow any tamil anchors to call anna and akka in their channels..Will keral people encourages that … Tamil people should think and boycott these programs and channels …

    2. Raja says:

      i completely agree your comments,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    3. tamil fans says:

      I full agree to what Natchaththiraa has said. Very true.

      `1. Why only Mallu Judges in the panel ALWAYS?

      That is the plan. Actually Sonia was useless she never sang well at all, Sai Vignesh, Arvind or Niranjana should have come to the finals with Sharath. Somehow they wanted the 2 malayalees to come so that the winner will be a malayalee. Definitely such a big crowd would never have voted for Sonia it is a big lie. Why can’t they bring tamil judges, why always malayalees and also the crook Mano. Sun TV is doing the kids sun singer competition very well and the judges are tamils. Must stop watching the super singer programme completely, it is a shame for Vijay TV and the viewers in tamil nadu are very disappointed with the judgement on wild card.

      1. tamilan says:

        I totall agree with TAMILAN points . We should take this discussion to Vijay channel employees via facebook and twitter..They should feel ashame and should correct their mistakes .

  7. Jannah says:

    So satisfied as to think that those who got the Top 5 already are going to perform!

  8. Jannah says:

    So satisfied as to think that those who got the Top 5 already are going to perform!

  9. Jannah says:

    So happy as Sarath was selected.Really both Sarath & Syed will face the battle with confidence because of each other.

  10. Raja says:

    கிறுக்கு புனா மானா ,,,பிறகு என்ன மயித்துக்கு ****** தமிழகத்தின் பிரம்மாண்ட குனா தேடல் ***** தமிழன மட்டும் தானடா தேர்வு செய்யணும் ,,,,மல்லுக்களை தேர்வு செய்ய அங்கே போகவேண்டியது தானே ,,,,,ரெண்டாவது ரௌண்டில ரொம்ப டேலண்டா ஒண்ணுக்கும் உதவாத பார்வதிய உள்ளே கொண்டு வந்திட்டானுங்க இந்த வீனா போன ஜட்ஜுங்க ,,,,,,இதுலே அந்த நாய்க்கு ஸ்டான்டிங் ஒவியேஷென் வேற ,,,,அரவிந்தையும்,சாய் விக்னேசும் எவ்வளவோ மேல் இப்போ உள்ள ss 08,,ss 09 யும் விட,,ம்ம்ம்ம்ம்ம் என்ன செய்யுறது,,பேரு மூச்சு தான்,,

    1. tamilan says:

      raja ur right… its not .தமிழகத்தின் பிரம்மாண்ட குனா தேடல் …it is against tamil talents …..

  11. mythili says:

    Sarath deserves it for his hard work and dedication next Arvind Srinivas should deserve. But unfair judges brought Sonia in.Both Parvathi & Sonia are really a waste in super singer 4. JUDGES always do injustice to their profession. All judges
    to be changed except Mr.Mano in the next season. All the three boys deserve the title of ss4. Who ever wins v r happy.
    Our support is for DIWAKAR & SARATH.

  12. jayanthi says:

    Diwahar and Saiyath i both of the waste. may support and whole India support is soniya

    1. smv says:

      who says,

      Soniya is trained in vocal, but Diwakar is not, he is from Poor family… Without any training he is very good, if he learnt the music he will be some were else….who are you to tell Diwakar and saiyath is waste…They are the best…r u from tamilnadu…ashamed about you…

  13. jayanthi says:

    Judges are waste

  14. selvakani says:

    It is not a tamil show.This is a malayalis dominating show.

  15. smv says:

    yes ofcourse…

  16. Beatrice says:

    Sonia is best singer and i vote for her, she will win

  17. Prveen says:

    Sonia is best singer and i will vote for her, she will get for sure!

  18. Tuder says:

    I read the comments. It is true that other mother tongue participants come and win with the unfair judges, who are mostly malayalees, who are selfish and even they not allow water to flow freely to Tamil Nadu.

    Vijay TV should allow only Tamils to participate to this program or stop the program for the future.

    I feel it is useless watching unless this point is taken into consideration and corrected for a fair play.