Vani Rani 06-12-2013 – Sun TV Serial Episode 225

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Vani Rani 06-12-2013 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv Vani Rani 06-12-13 | Sun tv Radikaa Sarathkumar Serial 06th December 2013
Synopsis: Vanu Rani Serial a story of two sisters who are completely unlike each other and married to two brothers in the same family. This diverse characterization of two sisters will bring you to the edge of the seat as they undergo various troubles, turmoil and tribulations in their lives.
Directed By : O.N Ratnam
Produced By : Radaan Media
Cast : Raadhika Sarathkumar, Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithviraj, Shanthi Williams, Ravikumar, Vicky, Arun, Sujith, Nikhila Rao, Guhan, Mahalakshmi.

Continues with Yesterday, where the rowdi’s comment that they require Bhoomis life inturn to leave Thenu. They say they want bhoomi to come to the forest behind the city, alone and if they go to police they will kill thenu. Bhoomi shocked. Once Bhoomi cuts the call everybody ask what happened, who is that over the call. Bhoomi remains in silent for a while, finally reveals that he doesnt know who they are and they want his own life in turn to return thenu. Everybody looks shocked. Angu in fear says Bhoomi, Vani is shell schoked. Samy in anger shouts, Pavi. Who knows this is whom among those family whom you have ruined.. I am least bothered about you or your life, my daughter is a small child, what did she do to die. When something happens to her why should the rowdis, I myself will kill you, go somewhere and die. Everyone is shell shocked. Rani ask Samy what are you speaking, when some idiots gives a prank call, what will mama do, I cannot tolerate even one drop of tears from my sister. Swami BP level rises up, he then questions which means that thenu is not important to you and lifts his hands to beat Rani. Everybody looks shocked and Vani screams Sami…are you such a ordinary human being to lift hands on my sister, when she says she cannot tolerate my tears how will I leave her upset. You may be a ordinary human being and differentiate my kids and your kids, but to me everybody is the same for ever and none of them are different. She is not so cruel enough to save her husband killing Thenu. Vani finally leaves with Bhoomi, Jo forwards mano to accompany them but Vani says, let everybody be here and they will bring Thenu backVani leaves to meet a ex-commissioner, to whom she reveals everything. The police officer says its not fair enough to go to police because its a life and if they tend to do something it will result in damage. He says that he will send the local force{Ur Kavalali} to follow bhoomi so that Gangsters will not know and they will also be like local people. Vani agrees. In home swami tries to leave to find Thenu, Rani stops him saying that her akka has went. Swami screams again I cannot remain in silent, Rani questions, whom are you saying as others, My akka and Mama. This is not fair enough, dont I have the same feeling as you have. Swami shouts for you, rather than Me, Thenu or even God, your sister is more important. Nobody can be like you, and I wish nobody should be like you. For the entire earth one Rani will suffice, if there is going to be yet another one, this earth will be no more. Angu says, Sami this is a different place and in search of thenu you will get lost, with that fear Rani stops you, why dont you understand. This idiot screams again let me come with thenu or die forever. Poongodi says him to wait but he interrupts you dont speak on this, Surya tells him dont we have the same tension as you have. Swami screams “Vaya mududa”, I am her father. Does you feeling and my feeling are the same.All this is heard by Devika who questions what happened. Surya updates that she is Devika, where people tell what was the problem going on in their family. She says that the place is a dense forest and nobody can go alone. Rani ask her do you know the place. Gowtham says her to take all the three brothers there, else his sister life will be lost. Without her the entire family will suffer. She finally agrees to take them. Gowtham ask swami to be at home, because the gangsters may engage in some mischief with people at home, so he requests Swami to take care of the people at home, and leaves with Saravanan and Surya.Bhoomi on the other end goes to the forest, who is followed here and there by the local people, and they direct him. Bhoomi reaches the spot and screams “Ayyo”. The local force rushes up, where Bhoomi has a letter written by the Gangsters worded “For the intelligence of your wife, your daughter is the scape goat”. At home Vani sees the letter, and everyone in silence, Swami questions Vani, is this enough for you. You went all along with your husband talking and finally what did you manage to do? Enna Kilichinga?. If something happens to my daughter, I will not spare you all. Vani remains in Shock and silence, and receives a call. She picks the call and the rowdi says, for you the local force may be new, but for us, we have been brought up in the same place and they knew them very well. The rowdi says, go out and see, I have parcelled a hand of your daughter and dropped outside your house, go and have a look of it. Vani screams “Yei”.