Vamsam 20-12-2013 – Sun TV Serial Episode 145

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Watch Sun TV Vamsam 20.12.13 Serial Vamsam 20/12/13 Latest Today Episode 145 Online.
Vamsam 20-12-2013 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 20-12-13 Vamsam Ramya Krishnan Serial 20th December 2013
Synopsis: Vamsam Serial tells a story of a women who struggles to find her relatives. Shakthi learns that she has an unknown uncle, mother’s brother, and an aunt, father’s sister, who are at a family feud. She travels to the village disguised as a cook to unite the two extended families together with her nuclear family.
Directed By : K. Rajeev Prasad
Produced By : Vision Time
Cast : Ramya Krishnan, Vijayakumar, Seema, Shyam Ganesh, Vadivukkarasi, Rajashree, Vandhana.

Sun TV Vamsam 20th December 2013 Episode 145 Review/Discussion:
Sakthi goes to the station gives complainat against PM. Nags convinces Senthil to not file and he calls Sakthi she doesn’t agree to withdraw. Arukkani meets with Annachi, he tells her to be careful and says only waiting for Uyil.

When Sakthi return she insists she gave complaint on Annachi. Aruukkani gets angry, but Sakthi explains to her (afte Nagu who is over hearing is left) that PM is responsible.

Night PM tries to leave but Sakthi stops him saying he needs to be available for the inquiry.

PM usues onion troies to get fever, Insp ccomes enq about PM and Sanjay. PM says only did that to save sakthi.

Insp leaves telling come if further enquiry.

Doaipandi return after trip, he informs went on trip so he can setup water plant. He also says working on money for that. Nagu looks at Sakthi.

Raja dorai lawyer comes and asks Nagu to ready amount as case is coming up soon.
Nagu asks Senthil, he tells will tell in the morning about money.

Sakthi upset for committing to Nags with out asking her dad.

Doraipandi pulls her aside and says I will tell yo ua way where you can save RD with out your dad’s money.