Sindhu Bhairavi 02-12-2013 – Raj tv Serial Episode 868

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Sindhu Bhairavi 02-12-2013 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Sindu Bairavi 02-12-13 | Raj tv Serial 02nd December 2013
Synopsis: Sindhu Bhairavi is a story of two friends – Sindhu and Bhairavi with diametrically opposite backgrounds. Sindhu is the daughter of a maid servant, while Bhairavi is the daughter of the landlord of the same house. Inspite of their economic differences, they become the best of friends. However, jealousy creeps in as Sindhu wins over Bhairavi’s family with her sweet character. Things worsen when Veer, suitor of Bhairavi, falls in love with the good natured Sindhu. Watch Bhairavi as she continously tries to belittle Sindhu and deny her happiness at every turn.
Directed By : Nandita Mehra
Produced By : Pintoo Guha, Rupali Guha
Cast : Tina Dutta, Sreejita De, Mrunal Jain, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Rashmi Desai, Gaurav Chopra, Vaishali Takkar, Ayub Khan, Pragati Mehra, Pratima Kazmi, Chaitanya Choudhury

Sindhu Bhairavi, Raj tv serial

Today’s Serial Review:
Mukta grows even more suspicious of Vishnu and tries to tell this to Kanha, but he doesn’t want to listen anything against Vishnu. Mukta feels alone as nobody is there to support her, but she doesn’t want anything wrong to happen to her friend Meethi.


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