Saravanan Meenakshi 26-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial Episode 567

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Watch Vijay tv Saravanan Meenachi 26.12.13 Serial Saravanan Meenakshi 26/12/13 Latest Today Episode 567 Online. Saravanan Meenakshi 26-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Saravanan Meenachi 26-12-13
Synopsis: An Arranged Marriage is not born out of love, but gets there with a lot of effort, time and compromises…A realistic approach to a tale of love, post marriage…As the title implies, the story revolves around Saravanan and Meenatchi — who are poles apart in terms of personality, background, attitudes towards life, etc. Saravanan is a Chennai-based Radio Jockey from an affluent family who loves life and loves to live ‘larger than life’.
Directed By : Azhagar Swamy
Cast : Irfan , Rachita,rajasekar,kuyili,Stalin

Vijay TV Saravanan Meenakshi 26th December 2013 Episode 567 Review/Discussion:
After some mokka between SS & TM, TM & SS finally set off on a bike to meet RS & Saradha at Thirunelveli. A guy sees them and promptly informs Tamil that he saw TM with a guy on bike. An angry Tamil slaps that guy, calls up Sou and checks about TM. Sou says TM went with Reva to Reva’s thottam. Tamil hangs up and updates that guy. But that guy is confident about seeing TM. Tamil follows in his car to prove that to that guy Muthu that it is not TM.

RS, S and TM meet. SS too enters and acts as a guest at TMs home. Saradha scolds Tamil for letting stranger stay at their home. TM says good guy sent by Arunachalam. Some mokka by RS, S and SS. TM asks about them if her athai payyan did not come. Saradha says he is roaming somewhere else. TM is sad. Saradha is unhappy that TM travelled with a guy on bike and drags TM away. She scolds SS. TM says SS is educated, intelligent and decent fellow. At the other end, RS checks the love status with SS. SS says bikela vara alavkku improved and soon I am going to say ILU.

Muthu and Tamil check en-route and get no info about TM. Muthu says lasta search at temple and then will agree it is not TM.