Saravanan Meenakshi 23-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial Episode 565

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Watch Vijay tv Saravanan Meenachi 23.12.13 Serial Saravanan Meenakshi 23/12/13 Latest Today Episode 565 Online. Saravanan Meenakshi 23-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Saravanan Meenachi 23-12-13
Synopsis: An Arranged Marriage is not born out of love, but gets there with a lot of effort, time and compromises…A realistic approach to a tale of love, post marriage…As the title implies, the story revolves around Saravanan and Meenatchi — who are poles apart in terms of personality, background, attitudes towards life, etc. Saravanan is a Chennai-based Radio Jockey from an affluent family who loves life and loves to live ‘larger than life’.
Directed By : Azhagar Swamy
Cast : Irfan , Rachita,rajasekar,kuyili,Stalin

Vijay TV Saravanan Meenakshi 23rd December 2013 Episode 565 Review/Discussion:
Saro takes challenge tries to lift up the stone. He says will keep trying nnu.

Sarada/RS calls him and asks you forgot me va nnu. Saro narrates about Photo incident. They get scared. Saro says don’t worry I am fine. They both decide to go to Tirunelveli to see all. He tells them to come. Sarada asks RS when we can go and he says will tell later.

In Meenakshi house, revathi comes and soem mokkai romance between Bro and Revathy, she also tells I need the person to liftthe stone. bro tries, BGM Maina Maina

Saro works out all kinds, even he makes a car go on his hand, car goes different side and bro runs a cycle over, then tries to break bricks could not do end up throwing and breaking.

He tries and tries and tries and lifts the stone.

Meenakshi sees this gets shocked, calls her mom and tells what happen. Soundarya doens’t want to listen. meenakshi pulls her and they see Saro and bro throw the stone and play catch. meenaksi shock, Soundarya laughs and points the real stone on the corner hidden. Meenakshi orey veruppu and sccolds them and the throw the fake stone and she kicks.