Puthu Kavithai 27-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial Episode 09

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Watch Vijay TV Pudhu Kavidhai 27.12.13 fiction Puthukavithai 27/12/13 Latest Today Episode 09 Online. Puthu Kavithai 27-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Pudhu Kavithai 27-12-13
Synopsis: A story of an ordinary girl’s extraordinary resolve to reclaim her respect. The show is a reflection of the society we live in, where women often grapple with situations and are forced to tolerate disrespect and ill treatment against their will. The situations may vary; the perpetrators of crimes against women may be individuals from within the family or strangers, but unfortunately, women are often in a disadvantaged situation in the country. Against this backdrop, a truly inspiring and moving story of an ordinary girl who finds the inner strength to deal with the circumstances in her life to transform and shape her reality.
Directed By : Daktshanamoorthy Parthasarathy
Produced By : Rightfeel Productions
Cast : Dinesh and Maheshwari

Vijay TV Puthu Kavithai 27th December 2013 Episode 09 Review/Discussion:
Dhanush is questioning a girl named Kalpana about her family. He asks her whether she knows why they are following her, and she says no. She says that alot of men are following her. Dhanush asks her whether she thinks herself as Nayanthara. Dhanush then says that they came here for friendship. Kalpana is not willing to believe it, as she feels this is a trick to make her fall in love with him. She leaves. Dhanush asks his friends, who does she thinks she is, and they say in unison “Kaviya annah”. Dhanush says catch her, and they run after her. They stop her and she asks them, what is their problem. Dhanush asks her to accept him as her friend. Kaviya reject it. She sees to cops and asks them to solve the problem. They see that it’s Dhanush and gives him respect rather than scolding him. Kaviya’s get angry and leaves.

Kaviya’s father comes and tells everyone that he went to joshiyar and he told him that Kaviya’s horoscope is looking good and has an alliance for her as well. The guy name is Ganesh, and will come and visit them on a good day. Patti has seen the guy and tells him that he is a good guy. Kaviya wonders whether they care for her feeling or not.

Dhanush thinks about Kaviya, and his friends are arguing about his crazinees. Dhanush asks them what is wrong with them, and one of the friends begins to praise him. He compares Dhanush’s love with Laila-Majunu, and the other friends tells him that he is comparing Dhanush’s love with all tragedy stories. Dhanush gets up and hits the friend. Dhanush says that he will never let his love lose, and if someone tries to ruin it, he will not spare them.

In Kaviya’s home they are all happy about the alliance for Kaviya. Kaviya’s mother is revealed that Kaviya’s future mother-in-law will not be home most of the time, hence there won’t be mother-in-law and daughter-in-law issues.

Dhanush tells Ruku, that he want’s to see Kaviya. Ruku suggests Dhanush to write a love letter to her. They both go to her home, and try to find a solution to send the love letter.
They then see Kaviya come out of the terrance. They decide to send the letter via a kite. Dhanush is wondering what Kaviya is reading, Ruku says it’s properbly a lovestory since she is in love with him. Dhanush asks Ruku to help him with another kite. Dhanush asks him to cut his kite, so Kaviya will get the letter. Ruku takes it as a double meaning, and tells himself that soon he will cute their relationship as well. Dhanush tells Ruku that he is like is younger brother and has the right to do it. He then cuts it and the letter falls in the terrace. Kaviya does not sees it and goes inside.
Dhanush then tells Ruku it’s was a mokka idea. Ruku gets another idea and asks two kids to go upstairs and ask for the kite.

Kaviya’s father calls the joshiyar, and says that the alliance is perfect for Kaviya. They then decide for a day to come and visit Kaviya. The kids come inside and tells him that their kite has fall down in their house and request to give it. He then calls Kaviya and requests to give it to him. She reads the love letter on the kite, and looks around but cannot see Dhanush and Ruku as they hide from her. She realises that the letter is for her.

Kaviya’s sister is worried for Kaviya, and can feel that Kaviya is hiding something from her. Dhanush sits in the same boat as Kaviya and has put a black cover to cover himself.
Kaviya comes towards Dhanush, and he smiles.