Mahabharatham 16-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial Episode 50

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Mahabharatham 16-12-2013 – Vijay TV Serial | Vijay tv Mahabharatam 16-12-13 | Vijay tv Serial 16th December 2013
Synopsis: Mahabharatham | The epic as a fiction. The show portrays the story of Mahabharatham a largest epic of India..the epic series Mahabharat which will be aired on Star Plus is creating a buzz for quite a long time. The brand new Mahabharat which was supposed to commence from June 10th, has now been postponed. It is being said that it was the channel’s decision to delay the launch of ‘Mahabharat’. Consequently, the promos of the show have also been kept on hold for a month.
Directed By : Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Produced By : Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Productions

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  1. kalpana says:

    why star vijay has reduced the viewing of mahabaratham to only once per day so if there is a current cut should we miss on it when they air some stupid family melodramas three times a day

    1. Dan says:


  2. Bindu says:

    Mahabharath show on vijay tv………… is awesome…………… DURYODHANA is a good man ……. why they showed oly a bad face of him……………..? All humans have good and bad part……..of lives.. I love DHURYODHANA….ALOT

  3. sathya says:

    agree too!