Deivamagal 06-12-2013 – Sun TV Serial Episode 187

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Deivamagal 06-12-2013 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 06-12-13 Deiva Magal Serial 06th December 2013
Synopsis: Deivamagal is the latest offering from Vikatan Tele Vistas, and this series focuses on the life of working women, their role and their contribution to our lives and society in general. Aimed at bringing out the perspective of a working woman – their joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations, etc.,
Directed By : S. Kumaran
Produced By : Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Ltd
Cast : Vani Bhojan, Krishna, Rajalakshmi, Sabitha Anand, Suhashini

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Deiva Magal, sun tv serial
Today’s Episode Review:
Episodes starts with Sathiya entering Jai Hind Villas as Gaya and Vino not happy. Thilaga and Gaya bring Sathiya to the Pooja room to light up and pray. Praksh mom tells the story they had initially wanted Sathiya to be their DIL. Thilaga leave saying she has hope one day she will come back to Jai Hind as their DIL. Praksh again pisses of Gaya with his marriage and win.

Back at Devaraj place, Saroja and Suresh sis have have disagreement and Suesh sis scolds her mom her not letting Suresh and Dharani in. Saroja scolds her and ask her to mind her ways. Then the nosy tent informs Saroja that Karthik mom had a heart attack and is in hospital, so they are safe for now for cheating her the money. The tenet warns the Saroja about Karthik mom finding out and Deveraj knowing what Saroja did. They rush to hospital to visit her.

Sampoo and Deveraj tell sathiya this is her home now and she must accept her fate andalso do them proud. Praksh is her husband and this is her life now. Praksh parents again praise Sathiya to Gaya’s annoyance. They also give Jai Hind Villas heirloom, which totaly annoys and pisses off Gaya. Praksh parents say they expect much from Sathiya and she will bring positive changes. Gaya confronts Prakash parents as how they could give the family heirloom to Sathiya and not giving her anything. She points out all these years she has been married and is never been given anything despite her working and supprting them.