Dance Tamila Dance 28-11-2013 – Zee Tamil Show

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Dance Tamila Dance 28-11-2013 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamizh Tv Dance Tamila Dance Program 28-11-13 | Dance Thamizha Dance 28th November 2013 Show
A dance based reality show which provides a platform for the youngsters to showcase their dancing skills. The contestants go through several rounds of competition to win the title.

Dance Tamila Dance, Zee tv Shows

“Dance Tamila Dance”, a Grand Dance Show in which the first time Actress Simran will turned as a judge along with the one of the Bollywood’s most wanted choreographer Chinni Prakash as another judge. Dancers from a variety of styles entered the open auditions held at all over south india and showcase their unique style and talents and then are put through Mega rounds of auditions to test their ability to adapt to different styles. At the end of Mega Audition, Top 16 dancers are chosen as ‘finalists’ who move on to compete in the competition’s main phase where they will perform solo, duet and group dance numbers in a variety of styles in competition for the votes of the broadcast viewing audience which, combined with the input of a panel of judges, determines which dancers will advance to the next stage from week to week.This show will definitely create a buzz because of its judges .The gorgeous Actress Simran for the first turned as a judge for a television dance show. One of the other judge is none other than the bollywood’s most wanted choreographer chinni prakash,, Awesome Amitabh. Sexy Salman. Hunky Hrithik. Simply Shahid.You name the star, he’s made him dance.The show features a variety of Indian cultural and international dance styles ranging across a broad spectrum of classical, contemporary, Bollywood, hip-hop, jazz, Kalaripayattu, Salsa, Samba and musical theatre styles, amongst others, with many sub-genres within these categories represented. Competitors attempt to master these styles in an attempt to survive successive weeks of elimination .The show is choreographed by the most popular choreographers poppy, Anto Jeorge, jani and Mahi .This show airs on Every Thursday and Friday at 9:30 on Zee Tamizh.