Airtel Super Singer 4 29-11-2013 – Vijay tv Show

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Watch Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer season 4 29.11.13 Show Super Singer 4 (seniors) 29/11/13 Latest Today Episode Online At
Airtel Super Singer 4 29-11-2013 – Vijay tv Show | Vijay tv Airtel Super Singer season 4 29-11-13 Show
A Mega talent hunt for the Best Voice of Tamil Nadu

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  1. Niranjana Kumar says:

    VI feel proper justice has not been done to Sai Vignesh. He has done much better than many of the singers. He sang better than Madhumitha. Very sad to see him go.

    1. P K Sundaresan says:

      Srinvas Commented about Sai Vignesh’s lack of emoting.
      Well Arvind Srinivasan lacks proper shruthi – his Engae nimmadhi was so pathetic, that he should have been shown the door then & there.
      Sayed Subhan is not at all a singer of material. He simply screams, no melody, range , sangathi. How is he being moved forward.
      Mr.Srinivas_ if you are true to your profession, pl get back Sai Vignesh, who is a very talented singer and sings with a lot of depth and ease. He has a very good throw also. His bhava also is adequate for his age and much better than the Subhans and Arvinds.

  2. patriot says:

    The judges are stung with minority apeacement,those who are having classical back ground and are singing well also brazenly eliminated.Just because they are minorities they were sent to safe zone and selected.this is un palatable and makes further viewing disinteresting.

  3. Amirtharaj says:

    Caption says “A Mega talent hunt for the Best Voice of Tamil Nadu” but i don’t see that much support for participants from tamil nadu, is that because judges are not from tamil nadu ?.. This is just a doubt..

  4. lakshmi says:

    sai vignesh is really avery good singer.judges decision is not fair. we really hate these judges who shows partiality forwards the contestants

  5. Krishnan says:

    There is bias ness in the judgement by the judges as it is natural for malayalee to favour Malayalees.
    If we all Tamils boycott the program then Vijay TV will make changes. Participants who have pariticipated In other super singer competition and won should not be allowed to participate e.g Sonia. She is not better than Sai. She should be out. Comments should be short and precise. Not exaggerating. Tamils have to awaken and arise.

  6. gethushan says:

    we really like the way of Thivakar’s singing.
    Personally for me I liked Said subahan, Sharath santhosh, and Parvathy.
    They sang very well.
    And we like the judges’ comments and decision.
    Actually we watched all the seasons. And our expected persons won the title.
    And this season also going like that with our expectation.

  7. sasi says:

    very nice so

  8. sevvanthy says:

    saivignesh is the best singer
    it seems like a plan of mr.srinivas to eliminate only tamil people that he send all the malayalees to the safe zone and put the tamils into the danger zones. saivignesh had done much better than sharath and he must had been selected in the first round and send to top eight was already planned that to eliminate sai so that they didn’t gave him immunity. i’m wondering that there aren’t any judges other than srinivas who is a malayalee and favor to the malayalees in vijay tv. though this is a tamil program there aren’t any tamil judges

  9. Aswathi says:

    Aravinth ….he is very goood singer we r all miss him ……@aravinth&diwakar frndship very great very touching emotion event